The Pub

The Pub in Lund

John Bull Pub was founded 27 years ago in 1993 and is more or less THE Pub of Lund, Sweden. It is also known as ‘Bulls’, ‘The Bull’, ‘Old Bull’, ‘Gamla Bullen’ or simply just…. ‘The Pub’. This great institution gathering people from all groups of society and from all cultures of the world, offering them goodfood, drinks and music and you as our guests contribute to the great atmosphere and good company.

The food varies a lot, and the menu is changed 4 times a year, but the main focus is offering high class pub food together with some great alternatives for vegetarians, vegans and gluten & lactose intolerant persons.

We have 13 beers on tap including Guinness, some local beer, and of course British ale’s, lagers, stouts, ciders and IPA’s but also completing the assortment with internationally well known (and unknown) beer on bottle. Our main supplier is ÅBRO, a nice Swedish brewery, that has been the greatest partner for us, not only for this pub, but through our past ventures.

A British Pub

A pub is a unique institution and few institutions are more British than the pub. A British pub is nothing like the American bars where the Prohibition still casts it’s long shadows, it has got nothing to do with the French café where the people sit outside to drink their aperitif, it is no way close to the german beer halls with it’s delightful loud atmosphere.

Some has even say that the pub as an institutions in more British than cricket. Maybe, but what we all know for sure, it that you are always welcome at Pup in Lund. – John Bull Staff


Vi serverar lunch varje dag mellan 11.30 - 15:00 och erbjuder god husmanskost i kombination med goda pubrätter och vegetariska alternativ och vi ser alltid till att det är något för alla.

A la Carte

Vår meny har varit i arbete i över 27 år och vårat fokus anpassar sig över tiderna medans vi behåller våra rötter i traditionell pubmeny i kombination med internationella rätter.


Har du ett event? Vi har god erfarenhet av att erbjuda god mat och dryck både för avhämtning men även leverans och servicepersonal på plats. 

27 års erfarenhet med att erbjuda god mat, dryck, evenemang och service!

LUNCH 11:30 - 15:00

Varje dag i veckan servererar vi lunch där det skall finnas något för alla.


En bred meny, något för alla med inspiration från pub och internationellt.


Musik varje fredag och lördag men även andra event!


Catering för avhämtning eller leverans, med eller utan servicepersonal.